Sam Elliot is one of the great mustaches of all time. According to Wikipedia, “he is often characterized by his rangy physique, thick horseshoe moustache and deep, resonant speaking voice.” It’s funny, because I was watching “The Making of The Big Lebowski” and the Coen Brothers noted that Sam Elliot didn’t seem to have much a part in the movie. While on the set he noted to them that though he was happy to involved, he didn’t see what his purpose was. They answered that they didn’t either. However, they had written his part (that of “The Stranger“) specifically for Sam Elliot because he had that big, deep voice, and because he had a big mustache that covered his lips while he spoke.

While many might think Sam Elliot is a Texan, the truth is he is originally from Sacramento, California, though he went to high school in Oregon, and attended college in Washington. I wonder if Sam Elliot has sort of become his character, or if the man behind the mustache is different than the man on the screen.

My access to Elliot is limited as I’ve only really seen him in Mask and The Big Lebowski. However, he is Carol Sue Boggs’ favorite actor, or one of them.

Also, Elliot is married to Katharine Ross, which surprised me. I guess she fell in love with his mustache, just like the rest of us.