Many people are unaware of this, but UPS drivers have to abide by a fairly strict dress code (not strict compared to what I assume to be the dress code of a bell hop or cop circa 1920, but strict in that it is basically the exact same dress code of a UPS driver circa 1940).

A male UPS driver needs to have his hair in a short, “conservative” cut (the official dress code is more precise than “conservative,” but I don’t have the dress code memorized). If he wears jewelry, he is only allowed one ring and it has to be a wedding ring or class ring. He is allowed one earring and it cannot be anything but a post. He is allowed a watch, but no bracelets. If he wears a necklace of any sort it has to be tucked into his shirt. His shoes, which have to be black or brown and made of a polishable material, must be polished daily, his uniform neat, clean, and tucked in if applicable.

He must shave daily and the only facial hair he is allowed is a mustache, which cannot extend past his upper lip. If a driver comes in unshaven, there are supervisors that will give said driver a razor and tell him to go to the locker room and dry shave.

As for the supervisors, their code of appearance was basically the same except that they had to wear a full suit to work.

In my UPS center, I would estimate that at least 1/3 of the drivers wore mustaches.

I am no longer with UPS, but the importance of public appearance is something I have taken with me. These days, so many professional motherfuckers walk around like they just hopped out of bed. They are unshaven, sloppy, smelly, wearing jeans and a t-shirt at best. When I first interviewed for Pepsi I was taken aback by the guy that interviewed me (who was a supervisor). He was unshaven, wearing a Northface pullover and slacks. These days, it generally comes down to convenience. Obviously, it is more convenient for people to look like slobs and wear what they want. Needless to say, when I was 16 I was vigilantly opposed to suits and ties and looking polished. At that time, I really thought that sort of bullshit defined a person. And in a way, maybe I still do except now, when I see a slovenly looking or casual person in a professional or public position, I immediately think that person is lazy.